Advanced Forex Trader Workshop

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The in-person workshop is the bridge between retail and professional trading, where the student is assessed on their individual risk appetite to create a risk profile and an individual trade plan customized to the individual student trader. The workshop expands on the content from Module 1 and trains the student to ‘read’ the  market using a professional real time global data service, Metastock Xenith. This is where the knowledge of the technicals and macro-economic fundamentals merge together to provide the student with the foundations for their daily trade routine. 

Students will learn how to assess the trading opportunity and categorize it as either a low risk, medium risk or high-risk trading opportunity. Once they have these details your individual trade plans will take over and control your capital management and exit levels. By the time the workshop concludes students will have complete confidence and control over their trading activities, they will understand how the market works and how to execute efficiently using all the T4T trade tools. 

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    This an excellent addon to the Foundation Course.

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