T4T FX Pro Trader Online Course

//T4T FX Pro Trader Online Course


T4T FX Pro Trader Online Course

If you’re ready to start trading and harness the full potential of the forex market then this course is for you!

Now that you have completed the FX KickStart Course and have grasped the basics of both the Forex markets and the MT4 trading platform, it’s now time to start making some real cash and digging deeper into the mechanics of all the elements of the Forex market. The FX KickStart Course touched on some of the basics and now each video will go into detail.

You’ll get professional insight and knowledge into trading the markets with a simple plan that will significantly improve your understanding of price movement on the charts and how best to trade it.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. Professional Capital Management
  2. Understanding what makes prices move
  3. How to execute your trades in all market conditions
  4. How the Fundamentals dominate currency direction
  5. Correct and accurate Technical analysis

Trading isn’t about copying someone’s signals or loading some software program into your MetaTrader platform. It’s about developing your own personal methodology and understanding of the price movement of the market and learning how to spot high-probability trading opportunities within it.

We’ll provide the essential knowledge that all investment bank traders learn and then adjust it to your own personality and risk appetite. Armed with this ability, you will be able to look at any price chart and quickly make sense out of it and be ready to trade and make money.

Note: This course includes Trendline ‘Technical’ Trader.