T4T MT4 Software Bundle

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Get 30% Off all our MT4 software with the T4T Software Bundle

What’s included:

  • T4T T-Rex Live Trader
  • T4T Trendline Trader
  • T4T Ichimoku Cloud Trader
  • T4T Guerilla Trader Expert
  • T4T Grid Indicator
  • T4T ADR Indicator

T4T T-Rex Live Trader Software

Attack the Economic Data Releases

Take control of your live trading and attack live economic data releases. T-Rex is a fully featured professional grade trading software that works with MT4.

T4T Trendline Trader Software

Never Miss a Technical Trade Again!

The Trendline Trader is a powerful tool that enables you to place pending orders in the market with the comfort of knowing that your orders will be executed at the exact right levels and then be managed closely once they are triggered.

T4T Ichimoku Trader Software

Never Miss a USDJPY or JPY Cross Move Again!

The Ichimoku Trader is a powerful tool that enables you to attach pending Break, False Break and Range orders to the top or the bottom of the Ichimoku cloud.

T4T MT4 Average Daily Range Indicator

ADR, AWR and the Current Bid/Ask Spread

This indicator shows the Average Daily Range (ADR), Average Weekly Range (AWR), and the current Bid/Ask spread. It is located by default in the upper right hand corner of the MT4 chart.

T4T MT4 Grid Indicator

This indicator displays a grid pattern on the chart. The dotted horizontal lines represent the big figures in the currency (whole numbers – like 1.3800). The dotted vertical lines represent the beginning and end of a specific trading day (24 hour period). The solid vertical lines represent the beginning of the week; each trading week is divided into a 5 day period.

T4T Guerrilla Trader Software

Never Miss a Major Trading Opportunity Again!

The Guerrilla Trader is a powerful tool that enables you to ambush the economic data releases at pre-set times for the day ahead. You can attach limit or stop entry orders to any pair at any time!




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  1. Mark

    Always best to bundle great value for money. It only takes one good trade and its paid for.

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