T4TCapital Trading Reset Fee

//T4TCapital Trading Reset Fee


T4TCapital Trading Reset Fee

8 reviews for T4TCapital Trading Reset Fee

  1. Addy

    Overexposed wasn’t putting my stoploss in currently

  2. Bhupinder Singh Dhillon

    Forgot the rules

  3. Ahmed safir Bari (verified owner)

    forgot the comisions


    Internet went down Friday morning at 4AM and did not come back up until 6PM that evening, Was unable to close out position. Sorry!

  5. Arofat Rakhmankulova

    Opened position with more lot sizes than what is allowed in commodities.

  6. Russell Rivera

    I exceeded the weekly drawdown limit and understand now the rules required to get a funded account.

  7. sonica

    sorry for the Lapse! Rule book well noted.

  8. zahood (verified owner)

    Didn’t use a stop loss broke the rules failed the test

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