The Complete Training Program



The all-inclusive training program has been developed over 15 years and includes everything you need to learn how to be a consistently profitable trader.

Step 1 – Get started with the Day Trading Masterclass online courses. You will have access to a Trading Coach to guide you through the online courses should you have any questions or misunderstandings.

Step 2 – Is all about working alongside you as you start trading the $100K Funding Challenge. Jumping into a trading account without professional guidance is haphazard at best. You are going to experience a whole new range of emotions which you need to understand and be able to manage. Constant trading reviews will not only fine tune your trade selection, but you’ll also be gaining the mental edge required to be a successful trader. Believe me there’s more to trading then knowing what ‘trade set-up’ to trade. The High-Performance Trader Mentoring brings together all aspects of the training and will have you focused on efficient market analysis, clinical trade execution and mental toughness to keep you on the path to success!

Step 3 – Start trading our $100K Live Funded Account (plus your own cash) with constant guidance from our Trading Mentors. They will keep you on track and fine tune your trading process. Plus, access to our Live Trading Community will keep you in the loop on everything that’s happening in the market.



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