The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course


This is probably the best trading course available today. It is written by a trading expert with 35 years trading experience and it combines all the Traders4Traders courses into one. You’ll learn how to trade the technicals & the news releases with professional money management. If you want to learn everything in one go then this is the course for you.



The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass course is the culmination of the past 15 years of providing trader education to retail traders. It brings together the content from our 3 courses: Trading the Technicals, Trading the News Releases, & Advanced Trading Strategies. It will transform you from an everyday run of the mill trader to an advanced risk manager with a sharp eye for great trading opportunities.

I truly believe the Financial Markets Trading Masterclass course is the most in-depth and experienced course available online.

I wish you all the very best with your trading endeavours. Remember, luck is when preparation meets opportunity!

Brad Gilbert