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We’re After Consistent & Responsible Risk Managers.

Our Trading Rules & Limits have been designed to test your risk management and trading skills. They are aligned to reward consistent and responsible risk management. They should flush out traders who are irresponsible & inconsistent. We don’t want fly-by-the night traders who trade maximum risk at every chance they get. 

1: Don’t believe the hype & propaganda

Unlike all the hype and propaganda out there, trading is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.

Contrary to what a lot of marketing material will have you believe, becoming a successful trader is less about ‘trading’ and more about human behavior. Successful traders have 4 common behavioral traits:  patience, discipline, control & aptitude for trading.

  • Patience – to wait for the best trading opportunities
  • Discipline – to stick to your Risk management Plan
  • Control – always in control of their emotions
  • Aptitude for trading

We can teach anyone how to read the market and identify trading opportunities but what we can’t teach or retrain is human behavior. So, ask yourself, do you have the behavior to pass the Practical Assessment?

2: Becoming a funded trader is no easy task

Becoming a funded trader is no easy task. To pass the Practical Assessment you need to:

  • Make 8% Profit without breaching a 5% Maximum Drawdown Limit within 6 months of opening the account
  • Have a Win Rate >45%

And you need to do this without any extreme risk:

  • Best Day Profit <40% of Total Profits
  • Maximum Position Risk – on any one trade must not exceed 2% of your account balance & Total Open Risk at any one time must not exceed 3%.

These Practical Assessment targets are designed to test your risk management & trading skills but more importantly your trading behavior. If you have these attributes, then passing the Practical Assessment will be a formality. Those that don’t will be ‘found-out’ and will not pass the Assessment.

So, if you don’t think you have the aptitude to pass the Practical Assessment don’t sign up.

3: Getting Funded is just the beginning

We’re going to look after and nuture our funded traders.  Traders who are consistently profitable will be given the opportunity to trade larger funds.

To scale up to the next level you will need to achieve the following:
1. Trade for a minimum of 3 months
2. Make 20% profit from the starting balance 
3. Achieve the ‘Performance Metrics’: Win Rate >45%

The Traders account can be scaled all the way up to the $1 Million account.

The Final Word

Think long and hard before you sign up to our program. We know the trading rules and limits are somewhat restrictive, they are meant to be. If you can’t work within our funding program parameters then simply don’t sign up. 

There are many firms out there offering funding with much ‘looser’ trade parameters. I know some of these are run completely on Demo accounts but that might not concern you. Just be aware of their 2 step, jump through 2 hoops, and climb the 10 metre barricade list of rules. 

Here’s a small list to get you started in the right direction:



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