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Learn Day Trading

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Brad Gilbert

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My name is Brad Gilbert. My career began on the trading floor as a trainee trader, from where I ascended rapidly to reach the pinnacle of success as an ELITE level trader, earning a distinguished place on the Australian Foreign Exchange Committee.

Throughout my extensive career, I have had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of institutional traders across various prestigious banks and high-volume trading corporations.

My journey took me through illustrious roles such as the Senior Forex Dealer at Citibank, where I traded across Sydney, London, and New York. This was followed by my tenure as the Chief Dealer at Commonwealth Bank, engaging in trading activities in Sydney and New York, before stepping into the role of Vice President at TD Securities, trading once again out of Sydney.

With over 35 years of rich experience in institutional trading, I have generated profits exceeding $60,000,000 for banks globally. Among my notable achievements is a record-breaking profit of over $5 million in a single year.

I am excited to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn every system and concept that I have mastered over the years. This includes insights into the psychology, fundamentals, and technical aspects of trading, as well as the unshakable and fail-safe strategies employed by banks to navigate the daily $6.6 trillion trading volume successfully.

Are you prepared to begin the ultimate journey into the realm of Forex Trading, where making $30,000 per trade is not just a possibility, but a reality?

Join me as we explore the peak of trading excellence together!

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Learn Day Trading
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