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So what’s in the brewer at Trader4Traders?

Forex Trading for the partially sighted or blind.

It is our belief that everyone should be given the opportunity to trade the forex market. Impossible you say! – Well not quite, read about Vishal Agrawal, a blind currency trader who makes money by listening. Inspired by this amazing feat of determination, we have started research into the feasibility of providing partial sighted/blind people to Traders4Traders. Blind users of the internet use such screen reading software such as JAWS from Freedom Scientific. We are also watching closely the development of Canute from the people at Bristol Braille.

T4TCapital Trading account with automated Capital Management functions.

Most traders (retail and bank traders) will agree that losses mostly occur from bad capital/risk management. We have developed a set of rules known as ‘Rules of Engagement’ that have stood the test of time to protect your capital. Whilst our current T4TCapital Trading Programme incorporates these rules, they need to be managed manually by our traders. Our next version of our MT4 funded trader account will incorporate automated  Capital Management to enable the trader to completely forget about managing their capital and just think about the trade opportunity and entry.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, a disruptive edge to trading Forex

Who hasn’t heard of Artificial Intelligence or Big Data? Lets be clear we do not encourage the use of algo trading at T4T, however learning past history of how the market price changes are affected by fundamental data and accurately predicting the future price changes is way more interesting. Big Data essentially analyses Bronco bytes of data and discovers information otherwise unknown. Tick data for the last 20 years certainly contains this data. Pulling in a number of different datasets including economic data releases, country economic conditions into one pool of data will reveal some never before found data. There is much written about analysing data for brokers, however this is a very small dataset when considering the size of the forex market. Now this is exciting.


Never to be accused of standing still, T4T continues to research and develop solutions that will provide our traders with the edge to succeed in their trading career.

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