The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass


No Matter Where You Are in Your Trading Journey, Trading WITH Institutional Bank Traders Instead of AGAINST Them Is the Missing Ingredient Keeping You Away From Rivers of Riches… Discover It All in This Power-Packed Masterclass!

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You Won't Find It Anywhere Else…

…Seeing Profits of $10,000 Per Trade Is Likely to Become Your New Normal in as Little as 30 Minutes Per Day!

In The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass, you will discover the institutional bank traders’ secrets to market analysis (100% tested, bullet-proof, and highly accurate) PLUS gain first-hand experience of the simplicity and wealth-escalating wonders that combining technical analysis with economic data releases can bring to every trade you make—the most powerful weapon any trader can own to dominate the financial markets.

This masterclass is fully packed with over 20 hours’ worth of tips, tricks, and hacks that I have personally accumulated over my 35 years of global bank trading. It is also the exact system I used to generate over $60,000,000 in profits for banks across the world.

The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass is a LIFETIME access programme that will not only build your trading skills, but refine it to perfection!

Here’s What You Will Get Inside The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass


Technical Analysis stands as the foundational pillar for all professional traders. Without a deep knowledge and a thorough understanding of Technical Analysis, your path toward improving your skills and boosting your trading performance faces significant barriers. It is the cornerstone that not only underpins the strategic framework for your trading decisions but also acts as a critical determinant of your trading success. Mastery of Technical Analysis is essential, as it provides you with the tools needed to understand the complexities of market trends, enabling you to make well-informed decisions that are crucial for long-term trading success and profitability.


Mastering the art of trading the Macro-Fundamental Releases is a key component of successfully navigating the financial markets. It is absolutely crucial that you possess a deep understanding of, and maintain sharp awareness of, forthcoming news releases and their potential to influence various market dynamics. This section of the masterclass will not only empower you to anticipate market movements but also equip you with the strategic foresight to make informed decisions, capitalising on opportunities and minimising risks before they unfold. Recognising the powerful impact that these releases can have is extremely important in crafting a strong trading strategy, and securing a superior edge in the ever-evolving landscape of trading.


Once you get the hang of trading the Technicals and Macro-Fundamental Releases, along with careful management of your funds, you're ready to step up your game. This section of the masterclass will show you how to implement the advanced trading strategies that big banks and financial institutions use daily to make impressive profits. This is a massive step forward, enabling you to trade more effectively and potentially increase your profits, just like the experts. This section is all about combining technicals with economic release data (this combination could give you a 100% probability of success) - This is where the real magic happens!

Upcoming Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Training

Training Session TitleSession DescriptionDate
Technical Analysis Training Session - Full Q & ALimited Access: For Clients of The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass and The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions Only Sign up for TFMTM or TLTACS now to gain access to this session Here’s What You Can Expect in This Session: ... see more1714467600 30th April 2024
Macro-Fundamentals Training Session - Full Q & ALimited Access: For Clients of The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass and The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions Only Sign up for TFMTM or TLTACS now to gain access to this session Here’s What You Can Expect in This Session: ... see more1715677200 14th May 2024
Trade Execution Training Session - Full Q & ALimited Access: For Clients of The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass and The Live Trading and Coaching Sessions Only Sign up for TFMTM or TLTACS now to gain access to this session Here’s What You Can Expect in This Session: ... see more1716886800 28th May 2024


MetaStock Eikon

3 Months Subscription!

Trading the financial markets successfully requires a reliable live analysis tool that keeps you up-to-date with unfolding trends and developments. MetaStock Eikon is here to be your ally, delivering real-time market insights right at your fingertips.

You will also get instant access to the Traders4Traders MetaStock Eikon templates. These templates were crafted to simplify your analysis process, allowing you to quickly decipher market movements and make confident trading decisions.

With over 20 years of trusting MetaStock, I can testify to its key role in successful market trading. It’s not just a tool; it’s a trading partner that guides you through the market’s volatility.

Arm yourself with the analysis platform that institutional bankers trust, and join the ranks of successful traders who wouldn’t navigate the markets without it!

The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass
T4T MT4 Software Bundle - Traders4Traders

T4T's Trade Execution Tools

MT4 & MT5 – Executing Trades with Institutional Bank Professionals!

Whether you’re trading the technicals, preparing for economic data releases, or delving into the Yen crosses with the powerful Ichimoku Cloud Trader, T4T’s tools have been designed to simplify and enhance your trading experience in every possible aspect. These innovative trading tools will ease all your trading activities, ensuring you can focus on what matters most—making informed decisions and maximising your trading potential!

The T-Rex Live Trader Tool – Trade the Economic Data Releases with Precision!

The Trendline Trader Tool – Never Miss a Profitable Technical Trade Ever Again!

The Guerrilla Trader Tool – Spot the Biggest Trading Opportunities the Market Has to Offer!

The Ichimoku Cloud Trader Tool – Trade USDJPY or JPY Cross Moves Like The Professionals – A True Profit Snatcher!

Group Coaching

Dive Deep into the Topics You’re Eager to Explore!

The weekly group coaching sessions are designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your learning journey. This is your chance to engage directly with me and other trading experts, delve into subjects that matter to you, and enhance your trading skills in a collaborative, supportive environment.

The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass

Access My Exclusive Trading Community

Connect With Like-Minded Pro Traders to Level Up Your Trading Game!

Gain access to my trading community for free daily coaching sessions. Here, you will discover passion, teamwork, mutual respect, and understanding among traders—this is a testament to our deeply held values. With me and my team by your side, rest assured, you’ll walk the trading waters with confidence, never having to trade alone again!

24/5 Trader Support

My Expert Team Is Always Ready to Support You with Any Issues

My dedicated support team is available 24/5, always on standby to assist you with any challenges you might encounter, from IT-related queries to any trading-related questions. Our commitment to responsiveness ensures that you’re never alone, providing you with the help you need, when you need it.

The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass

What My Clients Have to Say About The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass!

Reliable, Honest & Knowledgeable

Brad and the team are knowledgeable, honest and willing to do what it takes to ensure you are successful in your FX journey. The online and live workshops arm you with the tools and know-how to use them correctly to keep your capital safe whilst making steady gains.

I can't recommend the team at T4T enough and is the best day trading course I know of.

Steve A


Only got good things to say

I'm new to Traders4Traders but i've only got good things to say about them. I highly recommend setting up a one to one zoom call with one of their support staff/Traders and discuss your aims, strategy and trading styles. I did this and spent over an hour with one of them and learnt more in that hour than i had over the past 2 years trading on my own.

Richard Newman


Top shelf super professional

After attending many trading seminars, and doing several online trading courses, I highly recommend the Traders4Traders workshop. This was the best trading education I have ever completed.

Craig B


Money well spent.

Very well worth the money you pay if you're looking for the best day trading course and to become an independent institutional trader!

Only drawback I would say is the site is a little slow at times but this isn't a huge problem. Any issue you have is resolved within a few hours and the customer service is really outstanding too.

Tom McFarlane


Great follow up support

With a fulltime job and no time to spend searching through countless sources of information, T4T is just what I have been looking for. The informative and interesting course, followed by daily emails with a no-nonsense, layman approach and frequent SMS alerts, make trading in the Forex minefield seem easy! I have been recommending Brad Gilbert and T4T to all my friends.

Nick R


No experience required

I did not have any pre knowledge on the FOREX trading but by attending a 2 day’s workshop at Traders 4 Traders that provided me with the right skills and knowledge and gave me the opportunity to start trading straightaway without wasting time in practicing demo account. These Trainers are the real FORX traders in real time at T4T so we learnt things from them. The taught me the strategies in a very easy way how to trade safely. Hope this is going to change my life. Thank you very much Brad.

M Khan


The Workshop was brilliant

Incredible opportunity to spend time with ‘the real deal’ with 20 years experience in the forex game. Learn from someone who made it to the top. Get the same training as the forex trainee’s employed by the banks get. The cost is a fraction of the value when you consider your life will change for ever, as mine now has. The money management plan is the best available. The trading plan instills confidence knowing the banks are trading the same way – follow the money. I also feel the generosity in deciding to share such lucrative information is amazing. I have nervous excitement at what the future holds. Knowing my trades are making money is empowering. Book the workshop and you’ll be here writing as I am.

Matt B


Trading made very simple

I just made $2500 last night on the usd. So far in 2 weeks I have recouped my $5k already. I wish I was doing this years ago!

Ross K


All my questions answered, now making cash!

After completing a number of other courses and still not feeling confident with trading FX I was apprehensive at best when I did the T4T workshop. But I’m very happy to say that you have finally answered all my questions on how to trade FX. I was starting to think it was some secret method that no one wanted to share with me. You guys have blown the door wide open! I appreciate your patience in explaining even the smallest details to me. All the pieces of the puzzle now fit together and I’m ready to trade for real.

Patrick M


I started from scratch

Starting from scratch with no background on the FX Markets was quite daunting. But the team at Traders4Traders explained things so clearly and simply that I feel very confident in commencing trading. This is going to change my life. Thank you!

Michael T.


The best forex trading workshop

I would like to thank Traders4Traders for the wealth of information, great workshop and on going support. T4T is by far the best Forex trading workshop. I have completed numerous online courses, classes and read plenty of books. None of those made me a profitable trader. Since completing T4T workshop, in two weeks I have made the cost of the course 3 times over. With the trading plan Brad helped me design, I am now very close to my goal which is to replace our family income from trading forex.

Vasilia T.