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What’s the Vault? Vault videos cover all aspects of trading but don’t fit neatly into a course. They are explainers to Q&A’s received from our traders. They will help you understand the market and further develop your trading skills. 

Trader Questions

Trader Question (24th September 2021): What are the Risks associated with placing Pending Range & Break Trade Orders?

Trader Question (9th September 2021): How does the price action behave following the Non-Farm Payrolls release?

Trader Question (7th September 2021): I thought the NFP data missed the mark by quite a lot (235K vs 750K Forecast). Why didn’t the USD continue to fall?

Trader Question (18th June 2021): I am still trying to understand staggered trades:

1. When do you want to use staggered trades as opposed to the regular trend line entry?

2. Does each individual trade share the same S/L ”price level” OR ”points”? Say I have two individual trades to long USDJPY at 110.3 and 110.2, do they all share the same S/L price level, say 110? OR does each of them have the same S/L points (say 25 points, so they will have S/L of 110.05 and 119.5, respectively)?

3. What’s the rationale/advantage of using a staggered trade compared to the regular one entry?

4. How is this different from ”adding to the loser,” which I thought is something traders should never do?

Trader Question (4th June 2021): I have a question about how to balance short term and long term views. For example, I hold a long term bullish view on AUD, CAD, and GBP, but in today’s US session, seeing a risk off tone, strong US data and a break of the trend line on DXY and AUDUSD, I entered a short trade and banked some profits. However, this is against my long term fundamental view so I didn’t let the trade run as much as I would like to (closed 75% on average of 25 pips).

Trader Question (27th May 2021): I traded the RBNZ cash rate release, but got out too early. I want to see if you can give me some advice to be better prepared next time. I’m trying not to think about all the profit I missed out on, but it’s just in the back of my head and won’t let me sleep. Lol

Trader Question (13th May 2021): I went long USD on the CPI release and got stopped out. How can I manage this situation better?

Trader Question (6th May 2021): I saw there was a short term trendline in the hourly on Sterling with about three touches going back to the 28th of April. At the time, I noticed price had already gone up about 90 points so I set TLT to go short thinking the move would be exhausted if it got to that point. I was tagged in, but got out for a small win because price was stalling for a while. Thinking about it now, I should have lowered my stop and stayed in. Is there anything you would have done differently?

Trader Question (10th March 2021):
What do you mean by ‘the trade has gone stale’?

Trader Question (8th March 2021):
Why did the USD fall after the strong US Non-Farm Payroll data?

Trader Question:
Do the Bankers have a daily trade routine they stick to?