Trader Recruitment Program Details


Thank you for your application. Let me give you some more details about the Trader Recruitment Program (TRP) so you can make an informed decision whether or not this is for you.

Our Trader Recruitment Program is EXCLUSIVELY for Those Who Have Enrolled in The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass

Our Trader Recruitment Programme has been running for over 10 years and is EXCLUSIVELY for traders who have enrolled in The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass looking to take their trading to the next level. If you’re seriously interested in becoming a full-time professional trader, this programme could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

We are looking for responsible risk managers. That means we will be focusing very much on the traders’ risk-return along with their profitability. This programme isn’t about making as much money as you can in 12 weeks. It’s more about making money with a reasonably low risk profile. 

For example, if we had two traders to consider and both were profitable, Trader A made $10,000 risking $7,000 while Trader B made $6,000 risking only $1,000. We would definitely favour Trader B. That doesn’t say Trader A can’t be taught to control his risk, but on a pure risk-return basis, Trader B wins hands down with a 1:6 risk-return.

How Does it Work?

We believe there are two key components to Long Term Sustainable Performance (LTSP):

    1.   Capabilities
    2.   Behaviour

Making money is one thing but assessing how much risk you put on the line to make that cash is much more important. The TRP will test both components with greater emphasis on risk management (behaviour) than performance (capabilities).

Our ability to identify trading talent through our proprietary “LTSP Score” filter is the foundation of the program. The “LTSP Score” measures both the trader’s profitability and ability to manage risk.

There are 3 Stages to Our Trader Recruitment Program.

  1.    2 Week Training Program – a combination of our Trading Masterclass course & live group coaching sessions to make sure all traders are up to speed and ready to trade.
  2.   Undertake our Trader Evaluation – 12 weeks in total
  3.   Capital Allocation – Trader’s with a ‘LTSP Score’ above 65 will be allocated capital to kick start their trading career!

Successful traders will be allocated capital and become a part of the T4T Capital ‘Trading team’ where they will have the potential to start earning from day 1.

Understand we are a P&L driven business. Traders who consistently outperform will have their capital allocation scaled up with the aim of getting them into the $1M accounts asap. Traders who fail will be cut from the team.

The Mechanics of the Trader Recruitment Program

  1.   Complete our Online Training – 2 Weeks

At the bare minimum, recruits need to complete the first two components of our Trading Masterclass course. We will also be running a number of live coaching sessions. We understand our recruits are spread out across the globe and managing busy schedules so it’s not essential to be at the live sessions, although we think it is hugely beneficial to be present as it allows you to ask questions. All sessions will be recorded and made available to all recruits.

  1.   Undertake our Trader Evaluation – 12 weeks

The TRP runs for 12 weeks. There are 4 intakes per year. 

Traders are allocated a $100K Evaluation trading account that is connected to our risk management system & our trader leaderboard. You will have access to a trader dashboard that includes all your performance metrics.

Why 12 weeks? It’s the minimum amount of time we need to assess your trading performance & risk management skills. Plus, it allows us to see how you trade in varying market conditions which should occur over a 12 week period.

  1. Capital Allocation to traders who pass the Trader Recruitment Program

The great thing about our program is a trader could realistically only make $3,000 and still qualify for funding.

After 3 months all recruits “LTSP Score” is assessed.

If their LTSP Score is above:

  • 65, they receive a live $100K account with the same drawdown limits as their Evaluation account.
  • 75, they receive a live $200K account with double the drawdown limits of their Evaluation account.

Traders with an LTSP score close to 65, may at the discretion of T4T management, receive a funded $50K account.

How Do You Pass the Trader Recruitment Program?

The Trader Recruitment Program is all about assessing your long-term sustainable performance (LSTP).

Traders with a ‘LTSP Score’ above 65 will be allocated capital to kick start their trading career!

The Components of our “LTSP Score”?

We surreptitiously assess your trade selection and trade management whilst overlaying risk management and profitability.

The LTSP Score consists of the following:

1. Risk Adjusted Return (ROMAD)
2. Profitability
3. Win Rate
4. % of Winning Days

The IP secret to our “LTSP Score” Filter is the weighting of each component. All I can say is, they are not the same and greater weighting is given to your Risk Adjusted Return.

So, what does that mean for you? Hitting an 8% profit target doesn’t automatically get you funded, although it does score well. If you have big one-off winning trades that will work against you. The “LTSP Score” rewards good risk management but of course, you still must make money.

We will provide you with specific goals for your performance metrics to keep you on track but the biggest component of the “LTSP Score”, Risk Adjusted Return (ROMAD – return over maximum drawdown), will only be accurately calculated at the end of the 3 months. That’s when we’ll find out if you’re a responsible risk manager or not.

Drawdown Limits

You have a maximum loss limit of 6% which trails your account high water mark until it reaches your account starting balance where it then remains stationary for the remainder of the program. A breach of the Maximum Loss Limit automatically disqualifies the trader from the program.

If you breach the MLL you can partake in the program again at the start of the next Quarter. 

Trading Requirements

Traders must complete a minimum of 30 trades & total minimum volume of 100 lots. A trade that is split up into 2, 3 or 4 components will only be considered 1 trade.

That averages out to be 2.5 trades & 8.3 lots per week, which I’m sure most traders will have no issues completing.

Performance Goals to Target & Keep You on Track:

  • ROMAD >2.1
  • Profitability: Optimum Target $12,000 ($4,000 per month or $1,000 per week), Nominal Target $6,000 ($2,000 per month or $500 per week)
  • Win Rate >45%
  • % of Winning Days >50% 

To be Eligible for our Recruitment Programme you need to have purchased our Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course.  


We want everyone on the same page so completing our course is essential. That doesn’t mean you can’t use your own strategies and trading style but we want to make sure you understand capital management and many other components to give you the best possible chance of success.

Plus, it ensures you’ll understand what we are talking about in meetings throughout the programme.

The Trade Station Set-Up You Ideally Need

You ideally should have a 3 monitor setup. Two will suffice, but one screen, like a laptop, that’s going to make it hard. All analysis and a lot of the training will be done using Metastock. Using 1 monitor to navigate all the analysis will be tricky at best.

You don’t need anything else except enthusiasm and a desire to achieve. You will get access to our entire ‘Financial Markets Trading Masterclass’ course. This is the backbone of the trainee program. Trainees who sign up early will have an advantage as they will have more time to go through the course material.

Are You Ready To Take The Step Towards a Full-Time Roll as a Prop Trader?

If you’re ready to move forward and lock in your place for the Trader Recruitment Program, pay the TRP Fee Now. Once your payment goes through, we will issue you the training content and you can get started straight away.

You can choose to activate Metastock straight away or wait for the start of the program.

We look forward to you joining the team!

Brad Gilbert

Founder & CEO – Traders4Traders & T4TCapital

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