Trader Recruitment Program


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EXCLUSIVELY for Those Who Have Enrolled in The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass

Our Trader Recruitment Programme has been running for over 10 years and is EXCLUSIVELY for traders who have enrolled in The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass looking to take their trading to the next level. If you’re seriously interested in becoming a full-time professional trader, this programme could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

We are looking for responsible risk managers. That means we will be focusing very much on the traders’ risk-return along with their profitability. This programme isn’t about making as much money as you can in 14 weeks. It’s more about making money with a reasonably low risk profile. 

For example, if we had two traders to consider and both were profitable, Trader A made $10,000 risking $7,000 while Trader B made $6,000 risking only $1,000. We would definitely favour Trader B. That doesn’t say Trader A can’t be taught to control his risk, but on a pure risk-return basis, Trader B wins hands down with a 1:6 risk-return.


Put Everything You Have Learned From the Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Into Action and Get T4T Funded!


Week 1

  • Analyzing the Markets, Trading the Technicals and the Macro-Fundamental Releases.

Week 2

  • Advanced institutional Bank Trading Strategies and Bringing It All Together


Week 1 – Week 4

  • Start of the Trader Evaluation
  • Traders are provided with a $100,000 Evaluation Account, allowing them to apply all they have learned in a practical setting. This stage is designed to showcase your ability to apply your knowledge and strategies effectively, demonstrating your potential as a trader.

At the End of Week 4

  • All traders in drawdown will be eliminated.

At the End of Week 8

  • All traders under 5% profit will be eliminated.

At the End of Week 12

The Long-Term Sustainable Performance (LTSP) Score of all remaining traders is assessed. 

Depending on their score, they qualify for different levels of live trading accounts, reflecting their skill and potential:

  • Traders achieving an LTSP Score above 65 are awarded a live $100K account, with $6,000 of drawdown limits and the potential to scale the account beyond $1M.
  • Those scoring above 75 receive a live $250K account, with $15,000 of drawdown limits and the potential to scale the account beyond $1M.

Additionally, traders with an LTSP score close to 65 might, at the discretion of T4T management, be granted a funded $50K account with $3,000 of drawdown limits available.

This graded approach is designed to match traders with appropriate levels of capital and risk, encouraging growth and development in the world of forex trading.

Next Available Starting Dates

Training Starts - 15th April

Evaluation Starts - 29th April

Completion Date - 19th July

Training Starts - 8th July

Evaluation Starts - 22nd July

Completion Date - 11th October