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Understand the forex markets everyday.

Ensure you have the right tools available to understand the Forex market. To become a professional Forex trader you need to be able to trade with the market not against it.

Forex Market Analysis from Traders4Traders

Daily Forex Market Insights.

Get daily forex market insights from the T4T team. We assess the Forex Markets the way the institutional traders see the markets. Ensure you are #TradingWithTheMarket. We analyse what happened the previous day, today's fundamental drivers, the technical analysis of the major currencies and which currencies to concentrate on for the day.

Membership Level Required: T4T Student Trader

Daily Analysis of the major currency pairs.

Everyday our team provides a breakdown of the Forex major currencies providing you with the  potential opportunities for a trade, the fundamental and technical analysis, specific economic drivers that may affect the currency pair and all the technical levels you will need.

Membership Level Required: T4T Pro Trader

Forex Daily Analysis - Traders4Traders

Forex Live Charts

Forex Live Charts.

Ensure you are connected to the live data for each currency pair to ensure you have the big picture.

Our Forex Live Charts provide:

  • Weekly, Daily and Hourly time frames.
  • Fundamental Drivers
  • Cross Pairs
  • Related commodities

Economic Data Calendar.

You cannot trade without the use of the Economic Data Calendar. Price action starts here. Bookmark this page and ensure it is open all time you are trading. One of the mosts common mistakes whilst learning to trade is to forget to check the Economic Data releases.

Forex Economic Data Calendar

Forex Global Trading Sessions

Forex Global Trading Session Times.

Make sure you know when each market is open and trading. Professional bank traders only trade with their money in their own time zone so ensure if you are trading the EUR then do it in the European session.

The forex market is dynamic and constantly changing.

Let us analyse the markets for you.