Hi Traders,

I am happy to say our new FX trading website is in the final stages of development and will be launched on 3rd July (barring any major catastrophes).

New Logo – New Colours – and an amazing product that is going to be extremely interactive and blow your mind!

New Features

It will feature your on myFXTradingHub – that will have everything you need to trade.

It will include the:

  • Kickstart series
  • Pro Trader Course
  • Advanced Trading Strategies
  • Funded Trader
  • Live Trade Zone
  • Your Trading Account Analysis
  • Economic Calendar
  • Webinar Schedule – Training, Analysis, Q & A,  & Live Trading
  • Webinar Archives
  • Next Best Trade List
  • Daily Analysis of Majors
  • Trading Glossary
  • Video Archive
  • Market Insight……….. plus a whole bunch of other extras that will really crank up your trading!

This is the culmination of 8 years of exploring and development and I’m happy to say it is the best I have ever seen. We are also going to be updating the Subscription names as it’s been quite confusing for many traders especially with Pro and Premium packages.

Pricing Changes

There will also be a significant change in the pricing for new Members.

The New Levels & Pricing will be: Student (Free), Pro ($99USD/month)

What that means for you?

Well if you’re already a Member things are going to get a whole lot better! A brand new site plus new membership levels. Your current membership will automatically be updated under the new structure.

So if you’re currently a Pro Member you will become an Elite Member on the 3rd July.

We want to reward your loyalty with a huge deal!

But that’s not the best part….. if you are a Member Pre-3rd July 2017 we will lock in your current fee price for ever! But you have to be a current Member before the change.

That’s right…. so if you’re currently paying $79.95 AUD/month you will stay at that price for as long as you stay subscribed.

You will be saving 70% of the monthly fees under the new pricing structure. Plus you will get access to everything!

Now I know this is crazy but I do want to reward your loyalty, many of you have been with us for the entire ride and I know there has been “many” ups and downs with websites etc….. and that’s why you get the deal, for sticking around!

You have until the 3rd July to take up this offer!

Once we launch the new site the new pricing will kick in! So get cracking…if you want to take up this amazing offer JOIN NOW or UPGRADE before 3rd July. Don’t forget there are no lock in time frames and you can unsubscribe at any time.

You’ve got nothing to lose except a potential massive low cost deal!

If you have any questions about the launch of the new site please feel free to email me.