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Frequently Asked Questions

Our T4TCapital Forex Funding Program

The Practical Assessment

How long does it take to pass the Practical Assessment?

This depends on how good a trader you are and how the markets are performing.


Why is there a Weekly Loss Limit and a Trailing Maximum Drawdown?

These are in place to protect the profits you make.


What is the Weekly Loss Limit?

This is a limit you cannot go below. It is calculated by subtracting 2% of your start balance from the weekly start balance. This stays the same throughout the week. For example a $100K account that starts the third week with $105K has a Weekly Loss Limit of $103K , meaning during that week your equity balance cannot go below that limit. If you are still unsure please contact us and we will explain in more detail.



What is the Trailing Maximum Drawdown?

The Maximum Drawdown is the difference between your highest account balance (High Water Mark) and the subsequent lowest account balance. This should never exceed 4% of your start balance. The Max Drawdown limit trails your High Water Mark in the same way you would have a trailing stop in your trade to protect your current profits. Lets take a $100K account and lets say in the second week your highest account balance was $106K, your Trailing Maximum Drawdown Limit would now be $102K.




Can I hold open and pending trades over the weekend?

In previous times of ‘normal’ markets and when Geopolitical issues were scarce,it was OK to hold over the weekend. Nowadays it is an unecessary risk to hold over the weekends. You are required to close all open and pending trades by 7pm GMT on Friday.



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