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Join me Brad Gilbert
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Forex Trading with Traders4Traders

Professional Forex Trading
from Professional Forex Traders

Learn how to trade with the market the way institutional traders do it!

Learning Forex Trading by understanding the Forex Market from scratch and even becoming a full time trader is achievable by all. Learning in a structured manner taught by instructors that have actually been at the coal face trading with the banks is the key to success. It requires dedication and work but we will share our banking knowledge with you to teach you the correct way to trade the Forex Market whether you want to trade in your spare time, become a professional trader or even the ultimate challenge of being a funded trader.

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Forex Trading - Structured Learning

Step by step at your own pace

Whether you are a complete novice and just interested in starting off with Forex trading or you are a seasoned FX trader, T4T has a structured learning programme that can take you from the very start all the way through to becoming an FX  Funded Trader and all at your own pace.

We have levels of competency that you need to achieve before moving on to the next stage.

Steps 1 -3

Achieveable by all members and is suitable for those that wish to trade part time and of course full time. These steps are completed by the majority of members.

Steps 4-6

Those that wish to take up a full time career as a FX Trader may do so and include 1 On 1 coaching to gain the knowledge to enter into step 5. Step 6 being the holy grail!

Different levels of membership that determine what course you may access. All of this enables you to learn at your own pace and to ensure you have grasped the necessary elements to help your trading.


T4T FX Student Trader

Required Membership: T4T FX Student Membership (FREE)

Competency Level: None

Course: T4T Forex 101: KickStart Course (FREE)


T4T FX Pro Trader

Required Membership: T4T Pro Trader Membership

Competency Level Required: T4T Student Trader

Course: T4T FX Pro Trader


T4T Advanced FX Pro Trader

Required Membership: T4T Elite Membership

Competency Level: T4T FX Pro Trader

Course: T4T Advanced FX Pro Trader


T4T 1 On 1 Coaching

Required Membership: T4T Elite Membership

Required Competency Level: T4T Advanced FX Pro Trader

Course: T4T 1 On 1 Coaching with Brad Gilbert


T4T Junior FX Fund Manager

Required Membership: MasterClass Member

Required Competency Level: By invitation only

Course: FX Fund Management Training Course


T4T FX Funded Trader

Required Membership: MasterClass Member

Required Competency Level: Elite Membership Minimum

Course: T4T FX Funded Trader Course

Forex Trading - Competency levels


T4T FX Student Trader

Join FREE as a T4T FX Student with our Forex 101: KickStart Series of 8 videos and understand why the markets move.

T4T FX Pro Trader

With over 100 educational videos, taught the way institutional traders learn, after this course you will start earning some cash.

T4T Advanced FX Pro Trader

Adding to your toolbox of strategies you begin to develop your own trading style to get the edge.

T4T 1 On 1 Coaching

Having problems or looking to become a Junior FX Fund Manager? We have you covered.

T4T Junior FX Fund Manager

For those that aspire to this level - we guide you through the exams and teach you how to run a 'Capital Allocation' Fund.

T4T FX Funded Trader

The ultimate in FX trading is being trusted to manage a fund with other peoples money.

Affordable Forex Trading Courses

Forex trading courses on the web and indeed on location have traditionally been incredibly expensive ranging from very weak content to high pressure selling organisations offering courses that can only put you in the 95% of losing retail traders with people that have not had any real trading experience that can only come from professional bank traders (you will find out why when you join T4T). T4T is changing all that, we offer a FREE T4T Student Membership to enable the prospective FX trader the opportunity to decide for themselves if FX trading is for them, with no pressure sales techniques. Those that wish to jump into our T4T FX Pro Trader Membership costs just USD$99 per month and provides access to our T4T FX Pro Trader Course and our innovative myFXTradingHub platform that provides all the resources you need to be a successful trader. To really take the edge moving into our Advanced FX Pro Trader Membership you will  receive our educational signals known as the 'Next Best Trade'.

For full information about our membership plans please see our membership comparison chart.

myFXTradingHub™ made for you

We have created a central FX Trading Hub of resources and traders to enable you to access everything you need in one place to make a successful trade.

Market Insights

Get daily market updates from the t4t team to ensure you are trading with the market.

Forex Daily Analysis

Forex markets are dynamic, get daily updates on whats happening in the FX market everyday.

Next Best Trade

Get access to daily educational trading setups for you to assess for your intraday trading.

T4T FX 101: KickStart Course

Forex 101: Our free Forex Kickstart course will get you started in the right direction.

T4T FX Pro Trader Course

The most comprehensive Forex trading course available includes over 100 videos and covers every aspect of trading.

T4T Advanced FX Pro Trader

Take your Forex trading to the next level & maximise profits from specific market set ups.

Live Trade Zone

Stay in touch with the market & get the best trade ideas from our global network of traders.

Live Trading Webinars

Join our team online and live as they analyse the market and trade the economic data releases.

Copy Trade Facility

If you're short of time you can simply copy our best trade set ups straight onto your own MT4 platform.

What others are saying ...

"I went from being an occasional winner with loads of major draw down periods to a consistently profitable trader. I now know when to trade and when not to."
Grant D – Sydney, Australia
"I was a major sceptic even after signing up but after having several consecutive winning months I know it works!"
Luther D – Tahoe, USA
"I've tried everything and my results were always the same until I came across your program. I can now proudly say I am a profitable trader."
Jennifer B – London, UK
"Your course got me through the learning hump and gave me the strength and confidence to rebuild my trading career. Thank You!"
Simon C – London

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