How to install T-Rex Trader on MT4

Please note: T-Rex only functions on previously installed versions of MT4. Therefore, make sure you’ve installed all of the MT4 platforms you want to use, and then install T-Rex. Later, if you install another version of MT4, you will need to uninstall and reinstall T-Rex in order for it to work on the newly installed version of MT4.

These instructions are for MT4 600+ builds, you may check your installation build by clicking Help -> About on your MT4 Platform.


The T-Rex Expert Advisor needs to be installed on your computer and installed into MT4. Why? This allows you to use T-Rex on multiple MT4 installations. For example if you are installing the MT4 Platform for our Funded Trader Programme you will also be able to use T-Rex on your personal MT4 broker account.

Please follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1 – Before installing T-Rex, prepare your MT4 platform:

  1. Open your MT4 platform. On the main toolbar, click “Tools” and select “Options”. The “Options” window pops up. Click on the “Expert Advisors” tab. Click and select only the following check-boxes – Allow automated trading, Allow DLL imports, Allow external experts imports. All other boxes should not be checked. Now click “OK”.
  2. On MT4’s main toolbar, click on the MT4 “Auto Trading” or “Expert Advisors” button. The button should appear depressed with a green circle and small white arrow within the circle.
  3. Now check your MT4 Build by clicking on “Help” on the main toolbar. Then choose “About”. In the pop-up window check the MT4 build.

Installing onto your PC

Step 2 – Close all MT4 platforms on your computer

Step 3 – Open T-Rex folder you downloaded

Double click on the “Traders4Traders T-Rex” Windows Installer Package to install the program. (Traders4Traders T-REX.msi)

Tr-Rex Installation Package

Step 4 – Security Popup

You may receive a security pop up window. Please allow T-Rex to install. In fact, if you continue to receive several security pop ups, you may need to deactivate you internet security software and then reactivate it after T-Rex has installed.

T-Rex Security Window

Step 5 – Allow default settings

Install T-Rex according to the default settings, and follow the set up wizard and prompts. You may receive another security warning, but allow T-Rex to install. It may take several minutes to install, so please be patient.

Allow default settings

Installing the T-Rex Expert Advisor into MT4

Step 5 – Post Installation

After installation is complete, locate the file T-Rex.ex4 on your computer. It will be in a folder similar to C:\Program Files (x86)\Traders 4 Traders\Traders 4 Traders T-REX\MQL\T-REX.ex4. Right click on the file“T-Rex.ex4” and select “Copy”. Leave this folder open for now.

Post installations


Step 6 – Open MT4

  1. Go to the main toolbar and click on “File” ->“Open Datafolder”.
  2. Click on MQL4 ->Experts
  3. Right click on ‘Experts’ folder and select ‘Paste’ – Confirm T-Rex.ex4 now appears in the folder
  4. Do not close this folder yet

paste T-Rex.ex4


Step 7 – Copy Beast Com.dll

Return to the file where you earlier located the T-Rex.ex4 file. Look for the file “Beast Comm.dll”. It should be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Traders 4 Traders\Traders 4 Traders T-REX\MQL\Beast Comm.dll.Right click on the file “Beast Comm.dll” and select “Copy”.


Step 8 – Click on Libraries

Go back to the “Experts” folder where you previously pasted “T-Rex.ex4”. Click the back button so you are in the “MQL4” folder. Now click on “Libraries”. In this folder, right click and select “Paste”. Verify that the“Beast Comm.dll” file now appears in the “Libraries” folder.



Step 9 – Restart MT4

Close MT4 and reopen it. Open the MT4 Navigator window (Ctrl+N on the keyboard). Click on “ExpertAdvisors” and T-Rex should appear; double click on T-Rex and it should open on your MT4 platform. You may receive another security alert, but please allow T-Rex to load. A settings window will also pop up. Make sure you have the setting check-marked as the image below:

T-Rex Install Window


Step 10 – Enter T-Rex Activation Code


Step 11 – Installation Complete

You T-Rex software should now properly display. It is ready for live trading. Please note a tick in the live Forex market must occur before data populates the T-Rex interface.