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All our online trading courses and online personal training are industry standard training and based upon our simple teaching methodology of Learn, Prove and Trade.

Diploma In Professional Forex Trading - A Traders4Traders Forex Trading Course

Diploma in Professional Trading

Our Diploma in Professional Trading is a unique opportunity to learn how to trade professionally not only for yourself but also for other people, hedge funds, or as a trader with the  T4TCapital Incubator Fund.

The Diploma is broken down into 3 Modules, which includes a number of different learning components. Students may take any module and stop at that point and just trade their own capital or when they pass the practical assessment trade T4TCapital accounts and take a share of the profits up to 80%. To learn more please read on below.

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We are passionate about introducing retail traders to professional industry standard forex education. Our Get Started 4 Free Forex Trading Courses not only provide valuable insight into how the forex market actually works but also the basics of how trading forex works.

Online Forex Trading Courses

Viewing Access to T4T’s 247 Trade Zone

See what all the hype is about our 247 Trade Zone. This is the engine room that connects our global trading team. From sharing Trade Strategies, to Market Discussions you will see first hand exactly how a trading team connects & operates.

Module 1 – Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course

Start trading your favourite asset class within 2 weeks of starting this course. Learn to trade the financial markets using the same methodology as the banks. This course is extremely extensive and covers every aspect of what you need to know to trade the markets. The content is the same content as taught to junior traders when they join a bank, you will be up and running trading straightaway knowing you are on the right track.

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Potential Trading Career with the T4TCapital Incubator Fund.

Upon graduation and completion of the Diploma in Professional Trading, through our Trading Courses, students will be eligible to become an Associate Trader and trade for the T4TCapital Incubator Fund. They will have the opportunity to work their way up through the ranks to be an ‘Elite Trader’ where they will be trading a USD$1,000,000 live trading account with a healthy profit share.


From a professional bank trader.
Getting the correct education is critical to success. Brad Gilbert has been a professional bank trader for over 33 years and will show you what the financial market are and how to trade them like an investment banker.


Using our $100K Practical Assessment
Prove to yourself and us that you have learnt the necessary skills to trade the Financial Markets. We provide you with a USD$100K Practical Assessment Account with trade plans and rules.


With our capital and yours
You will become a Certified T4TCapital Trader and trade one of our real USD$100K accounts with profit payouts of up to 80% along side your own personal trading account. There's nothing better then trading in a team!


Make your Financial Markets trading courses training free of charge!
Modules 2 & 3 include a free USD$100,000 personal Practical Assessment. Upon achieving the profit target you will receive a T4TCapital Live Forex Trading Account, where you will receive a share of the profits made. You will also receive the first profits at 100% up to the value of your tuition costs. Tuition costs include all fees paid for the Modules in the Diploma.
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Continued Professional Development

The Financial Markets are a dynamic ever changing marketplace. Whilst it is critical you start off with professional training, it is equally important that you receive continued professional support in the fields of Market Analysis, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Capital Management and Trade Execution. We have teamed up with The CPD Certification Service that provide the structure for this Continued Professional Development.

Your Instructor

Brad Gilbert - Instructor Trading Courses

CEO & Founder
Traders4Traders Inc.

1 Introduction
2 Experience
3 Testimonials
4 Education

Bradley Gilbert

Bradley Gilbert has been a professional Forex Trader since 1990, having worked for Citibank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Toronto Dominion Securities. He graduated from Sydney University with a degree in Economics. He was a licensed & registered Foreign Exchange Trader with ASIC for 15 years, was on the Board of the Australian Foreign Exchange Committee from 2001-2004, he completed a Diploma in Financial Planning and is RG146 (ASIC) compliant in Australia, he was previously a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with the National Futures Association (NFA) and has completed the NFA Series 3, 30 and 34 exams.

After spending the last 33 years trading for some of the largest banks in the world before he retired and setup Traders4Traders in 2009 to teach and support retail traders in the Forex Market by creating a Forex Training Program based on the methodology he taught traders in the banks.


Banking Institutions

TD Securities

Vice President

* Manager spot fx pricing and risk
* Initiating proprietary options and spot risk
* Reporting all P/L to senior management in Canada

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Chief Dealer
Manager of FX Trading


Chief Forex Dealer
Jan 1990 – Aug 1998
8 yrs 8 mos

* Role involved covering of majors FX quoting
* Initiated proprietary trading team

Senior Forex Dealer – Yen Trader
Jan 1996 – Jan 1997
1 yr 1 mo

* Responsible for all Yen pricing for Europe – late Asia
* Responsible for improving the banks profile in Yen products
* Quoted interbank Usd/Yen & Dem/Yen
* Developed close relationships with New York office

Forex Dealer – AUD, NZD, CAD Trader
Jan 1995 – Jan 1996
1 yr 1 mo

* Relocated to London in order to improve branch relationship
* Responsible for development of interbank relationships
* Developed and trained junior staff
* Marketed currencies throughout Europe

Forex Dealer – AUD, NZD & CAD Trader
Jan 1992 – Jan 1995
3 yrs 1 mo

* AUD pricing was shared between Chief dealer and myself
* Initiated NZD and CAD interbank counter-parties
* Position keeping and risk management assessment


Bank Colleagues

Testimonial for Brad Gilbert - Traders4Traders - Forex Trading Courses

Steve Stone - Ex Chief FX Dealer Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Lehman Brothers (New York)

“Brad was one of the best analytical traders I came across in my 30 year trading career. He rewrote the trade execution rule book… amazing.”

Paul O'Driscoll - Ex Senior FX Trader ANZ Bank - Forex Trading Courses

Paul O'Driscoll - Ex Senior FX Trader ANZ Bank

“Brad was a great trader who knew the intricate details of how the market works. Super exciting to watch him trade when it all kicks off.”


Sean Allinson - Ex Chief FX Dealer Toronto Dominion Bank - Forex Trading Courses

Sean Allinson - Ex Chief FX Dealer Toronto Dominion Bank

“Good team player and a great leader. He was always up the curve with what was going on in the market.”


Ben Singleton - Senior G10 FX Trader Credit Agricole - Forex Trading Courses

Ben Singleton - Senior G10 FX Trader Credit Agricole (Hong Kong)

“One of the best traders I ever worked with. He taught me everything from reading the market to advanced trade execution. It really set me up for my trading career.”



University of Sydney

B.Ec, Economics
Bachelor of Economics

University College Dublin

Marketing, Economics, Diploma