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This course is probably the best & most extensive Online Trading Course on the internet!

Why? – The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course has absolutely everything you need to trade all asset classes: Forex, Crypto, Equities, Stocks, & Commodities. It covers every aspect of trading from Traders Mindset & Capital Management right through to all the ‘trade selection topics’ including Technical & Fundamental Analysis, Advanced Trading Strategies and professional trade execution to name but a few. We have seriously left no stone unturned to give you the complete trader training experience. You’ll also get connected to our Professional Trading Community on our 247 Trade Zone.

20+ hrs


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11 reviews for The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course

  1. Christopher

    The all in one course bundle has been the best investment i have made to date. everything you need to become a successful trader.The software included is absolutely fantastic no more sitting at my desk for hours watching the markets as the software can help you get in and out of trades, it just takes a few minutes to setup. What i felt was the best part of the course is the test after each section. it really helps to implant what you just learnt in the brain.
    I am now on the way to becoming a full time funded trader

  2. Ronnie (verified owner)

    This is hands down one or even the best course out there to date forget everything you have learnt before this course because this course will blow you away . I have never come across a course like this . This bundle will literally teach you everything you ever need to know on how to become a full time Forex trader it has everything to make your life as easy as possible the attention to details and software downloads are immense . Thanks to this course I have the confidence to safely say I am on the way to becoming a full time Forex trader without a doubt well worth the Investment

  3. David Jason (verified owner)

    *** WARNING *** (hopefully this has got your attention) – IF you are SERIOUS about becoming a trader, then I strongly urge you to save yourself months/years of your valuable time and a small fortune by potentially following some of the other so-called “Educational courses” out there, which are nothing short of a joke (in my personal opinion) and will more than likely cost you a significant amount of your time and/or finances.

    I myself have spent the past 11 months educating myself through various companies and resources following a significant loss when I initially started (following signals and attempting to trade myself uneducated, yes some of you could/will call it gambling). I thought after the past 11 months I was “ready” to trade for myself and I have made some small progress, however, a friend of mine introduced me to T4T and OMG… I soon came to realize, I have NOT made the best use of my time over the past 11 months, this course has taught me so in such a short space of time. The course itself is very well put together, however I must warn you, it is very addictive, and it will draw you in and keeps you fully engaged (it’s a bit like watching your favourite TV series and it finishes on a cliff hanger, you just want to see what’s in the next episode), you will NOT be disappointed.

    One key aspect of any education is not only the course content and its presentation but its support and I can honestly say, this is exceptional. Brad and Mark are two of the nicest and most genuine professionals I have come across. There have been several occasions I have messaged the guys with a query and promptly received a response, sometimes this has been late into the evening and weekends!! I have never received that levels of support from any company. Most are happy to take your money, give you a link to some videos or documentation and leave you to work it out for yourself, but not these guys. In addition to Brad and Mark, there is also an online community with fellow traders at all levels who are more than enthusiastic to assist you with any queries you may have.

    One thing I would ask anyone considering a trading career is to look around other companies and see just how many of them actually refund your course fee upon successfully completing the course and also allow you to trade their money!

    For me personally, I honestly believe this course should be mandatory for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in trading, my own regret is, I did not find this course when I initially embarked on my journey, but thankfully I am here now and look forward to achieving my goals with the T4T family


  4. Paul Rebelo (verified owner)

    Aspiring Traders!
    If there is an opportunity to learn all that you need to know about Forex than look no further than the T4T Complete Online Course. It’s more than Brilliant!
    I can tell you from experience that this truly is a turnkey solution if you desire to become a professional trader. You receive a professional level of Technical & Fundamental training complemented with the tools to assist and support your own analysis at the tip of your fingers, I truly believe this is critical to any traders success.
    Trading is a journey and will not happen over night so the beauty about this package is that you can develop at your own pace without the stress of paying and ongoing monthly fee (funded account) whilst learning the material at the same time. I really look forward to developing as a trader and am now confident in doing so with the T4T team support not only with the products but also with the T4T community channels.
    Thank you Brad and Mark keep a seat warm for me in one of your offices because my goal is to join your team as a professional 😎
    Kind Regards
    Paul Rebelo (RebeloFX)

  5. William (verified owner)

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND T4T!!! – Let me explain. For about 8 months now I have been searching for information on Forex where I can widen my knowledge and experience. I came across a lot but it wasn’t precise enough. I was introduced to Traders for Traders by a friend and since signing up I haven’t looked back. They provide everything you want. And where else would you be able to contact and talk to a citibanker directly. I have just recently completed the educational course and am now putting what I have learnt into practice. Take the step and you won’t look back.

  6. Timothy (verified owner)

    At the time of writing, I have been with T4T for a few weeks. I already feel that I have learned more than I did in the previous 5 years of trading. Having tried another (much more expensive) training school, although I was not hugely dissatisfied with them, there was a huge disparity in pricing and depth of or level of training. I am very pleased to have joined T4T and would not hesitate recommending them to anyone.

    My experience with T4T has been nothing but positive. The training is top quality, great value and support is excellent. The fact that they are willing to invest their capital in YOU once you have completed your training is testament to their will to want you to succeed rather than just taking your money.

    At a time when, certainly in the UK, a LOT more people are going to turn to self investment. If you live in the UK you will see adverts for Trading on the television, at football grounds and you will also hear them on the radio – it’s a rapidly expanding business in this country. It is therefore very important to arm yourself with the knowledge to be able to negotiate the field.

    Look at most brokers, and they publicly declare that “x% of traders lose money with this broker”. The “x%” is typically at least 75% and I have seen this published figure at over 90% for some brokers. This is because most people who trade do not have the right mentality or education to succeed.

    Having found T4T, I am now confident of moving my trading onto the next level, with an opportunity to build on my education and to forge a full time career as a trader by following a structured approach and without risking any of my own capital (aside from the cost of the training but that is for life and it is hardly a kings ransom in today’s terms).

    I would highly recommend anyone considering learning to trade to give T4T a chance and take a look at the free stuff first and make up your own mind.

    Good luck!


    It is good to learn how to trade before we do the actual trading.

    For beginners like myself, I am confused if the funded accounts will generate profit for us or can we use some actual software to do trading.

    In literal term, trade means exchanging so when applying to forex market can, we be able to do actual trading?
    These are some of the questions we need to be clear before we enter into forex business.

    • Brad

      Hi Simon, the best way to get into this is by getting the training. That way you’re not reliant on anyone and you can become an independent trader. We have professional trade execution tools but none of them are ‘crazy auto robots’. You need to know how the market works, how the fundamentals impact and how to execute clinically. The complete trading programme will give you all of these.

  8. mokhtar

    A great way to profit

  9. Goddy S

    I am very interested in this course. As a beginner trader I need this to enhance my trading skills. I would like to ask one question though. What is the duration of the course for a complete beginner to be able to trade on his own. I am so serious about trading more so that T4T is offering funded account once the training course is completed. This course looks like the course to go for if one is aspiring to be a professional forex trader and trade full time as a career.

  10. Shan

    How do i register and start the course

    • Mark (verified owner)

      Hi Shan
      You simply hit the ‘Buy Now’ Button above on the left and pay for the course and you will be immediately sent to start the courses.

  11. cherrelaine pobre ubag

    5 stars

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