T4T MT4 Average Daily Range Indicator

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ADR, AWR and the Current Bid/Ask Spread

This indicator shows the Average Daily Range (ADR), Average Weekly Range (AWR), and the current Bid/Ask spread. It is located by default in the upper right hand corner of the MT4 chart.



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ADR – Average Daily Range

ADR displays the average pip movement a currency pair has moved within a 24 hour timeframe. It is calculated by averaging a user specified data period; the default setting is 20 periods (or days). For example, in the image above, the ADR is 46 so this currency moves 46 pips per day on average for the 20 day period.

AWR – Average Weekly Range

The AWR displays the Average Weekly Range of a currency. It is calculated by averaging a user specified data period – the default setting is 16 periods (or weeks). For example, in the image above the AWR is 125 so the currency moves 125 pips on average for the 16 week period.

Spread – Realtime difference between the Ask and Bid Price

The Spread simply indicates the real time difference the current bid and ask prices in the marketplace. In the example above, the spread is 1.2 pips. This indicator is useful to watch during volatile periods so that you can reduce risk and refrain from entering the market when the spread is too wide.