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The Ultimate Forex Trading Course

As taught to junior bank traders by former Chief Forex Trader for Citibank Brad Gilbert.


Who is this course for?

  • Beginners that want to learn how to trade forex.
  • Investors that want to complement their portfolio.
  • Traders that want to trade a USD$100000 account.
  • Traders that want to trade full time.
  • Traders that want to better their performance.

A few words from our Global Trader Network …

Forex Trading Course Programme


Online Forex Trading Courses

FX 101: KickStart Course
FX Pro Trader Course
FX Advanced Pro Trader Course

Mentor & Instructor: Brad Gilbert


$100K Practical Assessment

Prove to yourself and us that you have learnt what it takes to become a professional trader using our custom trade plan, capital management rules and T4T Software.


Our Capital & Yours

On completion of the Practical Assessment, you will be provided with one of our $100K accounts of our own capital to trade and share in the profits of up to 80%.

100% Tuition Rebate

Once you have completed both the online forex course and the $100K Practical Assessment you will be given one of our real $100K accounts to trade. The first USD$1499 of profit you make on the live account will be paid back to you straight away. Any profits after that you will go onto the profit share and earn up to 80% of your profits.

This makes all your tuition fees with Traders4Traders completely free!


What you will learn…

  • How the Forex Market really works.
  • To trade like a bank trader.
  • How financial markets work.
  • To trade as a business.
  • Fundamental Analysis.
  • Risk & Capital Management.
  • To identify correct entry levels.
  • Advanced trade execution.
  • Improve your trading performance.
  • A Daily Trading Routine.
  • To control your emotions.
  • To get the edge on retail traders.

What’s included in the course…

We have bundled together a vast amount of resourses to ensure you are equipped to enable you to successfully trade the forex market with confidence. At USD$1499 we know this is the best value available on the internet.

  • Lifetime Access to 3 Online Forex Trading Video Courses.
  • 100% Tuition Rebate.
  • T4TCapital USD$100000 Live Trading Account.
  • Lifetime Access to our Global Trader Network.
  • Lifetime access to T4T's Trade Execution Software.
  • Lifetime Access to our 247 Trade Zone
  • Lifetime Access to our myFXTradingHub Page
  • Lifetime Access to our Next Best Trades
  • Lifetime Acess to regular webinars.
  • Certificate of Completion.

T4T’s Online Forex Trading Course Content…

This is the most in-depth and comprehensive Forex Trading Course available. The course was created by Brad Gilbert and contains the same content as taught to junior bank traders when they start as a bank forex trader.

FX 101: KickStart

Lesson: The World of Foreign Exchange

Lesson: Currencies Intro – The Inside Story

Lesson: Know Your Markets – 4 mins

Lesson: Capital Risk Management – 4 mins

Lesson: Technical Analysis – 3 mins

Lesson: Fundamental Analysis Overview – 3 mins

Lesson: Trading Strategies – 4 mins

Lesson: Types of Orders – 4 mins

FX Pro Trader

Lesson: Currency Overview
Lesson: Currency Correlations
Lesson: Volatility For Each Pair Is Unique
Lesson: The Importance Of The Numbers
Lesson: Correlations On Charts

Lesson: Timezone Activity
Lesson: Trade What Is Active
Lesson: The Asian Session
Lesson: Group Currencies Together By Timezones

Lesson: Technical Analysis Overview
Lesson: Trends & Trendlines
Lesson: Trendline Retracement
Lesson: Fibonacci Indicator
Lesson: Stochastics
Lesson: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Cloud
Lesson: Trendline Progression

Lesson: The Break Trade
Lesson: The Range Trade
Lesson: The Trend Trade
Lesson: The False Break Trade

Lesson: Building The Trading Process
Lesson: Central Bank Sentiment
Lesson: Overall Market Theme
Lesson: Current Market Bias
Lesson: Identifying Key Entry Levels
Lesson: Understanding The Trade Plan
Lesson: The Conventional Trade Plan & The Bar Room Brawl

Lesson: Overview
Lesson: How Does It Work
Lesson: The Drawdown Process
Lesson: The Drawup Process
Lesson: Using The Leverage Available
Lesson: Focus On The Job At Hand
Lesson: The Trade Calculator
Lesson: Dynamic Capital Management
Lesson: Conclusion

Lesson: Overview
Lesson: Technical Trading Strategies
Lesson: Range Comparisons
Lesson: Pending Limit & Stop Entry Orders
Lesson: Managing Positions

Lesson: Overview
Lesson: Trading Economic Data Releases
Lesson: At Market & Stop Entry Levels
Lesson: The Critical Level
Lesson: Understanding The Risks Involved
Lesson: Managing The Variance
Lesson: Managing Positions Live
Lesson: Making The Trading Process A Habit

Lesson: Introduction
Lesson: Understanding The Risks Inviolved
Lesson: Managing Performance Anxiety
Lesson: The Simple Remedy

Lesson: Adjusting Currencies On Charts
Lesson: Navigating Between Charts
Lesson: Scrolling Through Charts
Lesson: Adding New Charts
Lesson: Customising Your Charts
Lesson: MT4 Overview
Lesson: Adding Indicators
Lesson: MT4 Order Overview
Lesson: Saving Chart Templates
Lesson: Saving MT4 Profile
Lesson: Measuring Tool

Lesson: Overview
Lesson: Adjusting MT4 Settings
Lesson: Installation Instructions
Lesson: Customising Settings
Lesson: Setting Up Trendline Name
Lesson: Strategies Highlighted On Charts
Lesson: Range Trade Using Trendline Trader
Lesson: Break Trade Using Trendline Trader
Lesson: False Break Trade Using Trendline Trader
Lesson: Break Retrace Trade Using Trendline Trader
Lesson: The RFB Strategy
Lesson: Primed Orders On The False Break & Break Retrace Set-Ups
Lesson: Using Different Strategies On One Chart
Lesson: Setting Session Time
Lesson: Money Management Feature
Lesson: Split Take Profit & Stop Loss Adjustment
Lesson: Saving Strategy Templates
Lesson: Setting Alerts
Lesson: Adding Trade Comments

Lesson: Reuters News Service Overview
Lesson: Setting Chart Templates, Schemes & Flex Documents
Lesson: Setting Up Your Front News Page
Lesson: Inverting Analysis On Your Xenith Charts
Lesson: Utilising Reuters Xenith

FX Advanced Pro Trader

Lesson: Introduction to the Oil Trade
Lesson: Getting Setup For the Oil Trade
Lesson: Overview – Oil & CAD + YEN = CADYEN
Lesson: The 3 Trading Opportunities
Lesson: What affects the Oil Price
Lesson: Conclusion To The Oil Trade

Lesson: Overview of Nikkei 225 & Yen
Lesson: Introduction to the Nikkei 225 & Yen
Lesson: Preparing for the Tokyo Open
Lesson: Economic data Pre Open
Lesson: Tokyo Lunch & Afternoon session
Lesson: Incorporating Yen crosses
Lesson: Preparing for BOJ intervention
Lesson: Conclusion to Trading the Asian Session

Lesson: Understanding Market Bias
Lesson: Identifying the Technical Entry Levels
Lesson: Introduction to Trading Live Economic Data Releases
Lesson: Identify the economic data
Lesson: Plan the trade before the release
Lesson: Trade execution: Trading live at Market
Lesson: Trade execution: Using Pending Orders
Lesson: Managing The Variance
Lesson: Managing Live Positions
Lesson: Conclusion to trading Live Economic Data

Lesson: T-Rex Overview
Lesson: Adjust MT4 settings to allow our Trading Software to operate
Lesson: T-Rex installation for MT4 600+
Lesson: The Ins & Outs of Using T-Rex
Lesson: Trading Profile Manager
Lesson: Confirmation Settings
Lesson: Trading at Market
Lesson: T-Rex Order Pad
Lesson: OCO Breakout Orders
Lesson: Limit Orders
Lesson: Stop Entry Orders
Lesson: Trading crosses – multiple currencies at once

Lesson: Guerrilla Trader Overview
Lesson: Where Guerrilla Trader really comes into play
Lesson: Adjust MT4 settings to allow our Trading Software to operate
Lesson: Guerrilla Trader Installation Instructions
Lesson: Customising the Settings
Lesson: Guerrilla Money Management
Lesson: Setting the Entry & Exit Times
Lesson: If the Entry time is in the past it will auto execute
Lesson: Order Options: two orders or just one
Lesson: Setting Up Orders – Types & PipOffset
Lesson: Stop Loss Adjustments & Trailing Stop
Lesson: Understanding the ‘Slippage’ feature
Lesson: Double check your order set up on your charts

Lesson: Introduction to Trading with Fibonacci’s
Lesson: Fibonacci retracement levels
Lesson: Fibonacci extensions
Lesson: Combine Fibonacci’s with Trendlines
Lesson: Use Fibonacci’s when there are No Trendlines
Lesson: Including Fibonacci’s on your Hourly charts
Lesson: Scalping with Fibonacci’s
Lesson: Prepare for Central Bank Meetings
Lesson: Conclusion to Trading with Fibonaccis

Lesson: Introduction to Stop Loss Hunting
Lesson: Explaining the Bar Room Brawl
Lesson: Getting Set Up Technically
Lesson: The Trend is your friend
Lesson: Incorporating Economic Data Releases
Lesson: Watch out for Geo-political events
Lesson: Utilising Round Numbers
Lesson: Utilising the Ichimoku cloud
Lesson: The Best Stop Loss Hunting Setup
Lesson: Conclusion to Stop Loss Hunting

Lesson: Introduction to End of Day Strategy
Lesson: Analysing the Major Currencies for Opportunities
Lesson: Placing the Orders in the Market
Lesson: Incorporating the Crosses
Lesson: Conclusion to End of Day

Lesson: Introduction to Scalping the Market
Lesson: Using Support & Resistance
Lesson: Utilising Economic Data Releases
Lesson: Utilising the SAR – Parabolic Stop & Reverse
Lesson: Utilising the Equity Markets
Lesson: Utilising the Oil Price
Lesson: Utilising Round Numbers
Lesson: Utilising Fibonacci Retracements
Lesson: Utilising the Cloud
Lesson: Conclusion to Scalping the Market

Lesson: Introduction to the cloud
Lesson: How the cloud works
Lesson: The Ichimoku Break Trade
Lesson: The Ichimoku Range Trade
Lesson: The Ichimoku False Break Trade
Lesson: Scalping the Cloud
Lesson: The Ichibahn Strategy
Lesson: Trade Execution – Ichimoku Trader
Lesson: Conclusion to Trading the Cloud

Lesson: Ichimoku Cloud Trader Overview
Lesson: Adjust MT4 settings to allow our Trading Software to operate
Lesson: Ichimoku Cloud Trader Installation Instructions
Lesson: Applying the Ichimoku Offset Indicator
Lesson: Customising ‘Ichi’ settings
Lesson: Understanding Upper Complete, Lower Complete
Lesson: Strategies are highlighted on the Charts
Lesson: Range Trade using Ichimoku Trader
Lesson: Break Trade using Ichimoku Trader
Lesson: False Break Trade using Ichimoku Trader
Lesson: Break Retrace Trade using Ichimoku Trader
Lesson: Primed Orders on the False Break & Break Retrace Set-ups
Lesson: Using different strategies for the Top & Bottom of the cloud
Lesson: Setting Session Time
Lesson: Money Management Feature
Lesson: Split Take Profit Feature & Stop Loss Adjustments
lesson: Saving Strategy Templates
Lesson: Setting Alerts
Lesson: Adding Trade Comments
Lesson: Putting the Ichimoku Cloud Trader to work

Traders4Traders Custom Trade Execution Software for MT4

Testimonial for Brad Gilbert - Traders4Traders
Steve Stone - Ex Chief FX Dealer Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Lehman Brothers
Brad was one of the best analytical traders I came across in my 30 year trading career. He rewrote the trade execution rule book… amazing!

T-Rex Trader included in the Traders4Traders Complete Online Forex Trading CourseT-Rex Live Trader

Attack the economic data releases.

Trendline Trader part of the Complete Online Forex Trading CourseTrendLine Trader

Never miss a technical trade again.

Guerilla Trader MT4 EA included with Traders4Traders Complete Online Forex Trading CourseGuerilla Trader

Never miss a trading opportunity again.

Ichimoku Trader included with Traders4Traders Complete Online Forex Trdaing CourseIchimoku Trader

Never Miss a USDJPY or JPY Cross Move Again.

The USD$100,000 Trading Account from T4TCapital

 Not only will you be able to trade your own capital we are so confident about our education program you will be given the opportunity to trade our capital as well.

Funded Trader Programme

USD$100,000 Practical Assessment

Once you have completed all the Online Forex Trading Courses you will now be able to prove to both yourself and to us that you can trade effectively and consistently in profit. You will be provided with an account to trade and some simple risk management rules along with a trade plan. Reach the profit target of USD$112,000 and you will then be given a live USD$100,000 of T4TCapital’s cash.

USD$100,000 Live Account

Putting everything you have learnt into practice and trading alongside your own capital you will now be able to make up to 80% of your profits trading our account. Remember the Tuition Rebate above? Well this is where the first USD$1499 you make will be returned to you straight away.

Mentoring & Support

Often courses on the internet provide an online course and leave you to it. We want you to be successful because that means when you trade our $100K account we are successful. We provide continual support & mentoring from the start and whilst you are trading the $100K live account. We have mentors  and support staff in Australia and New York so you are covered 247.

Still unsure?

We understand its a big decision, so why not schedule a call with us. This is not a sales call, we simply answer any questions you have about our online course. We will answer all your questions about the content of the course, tuition rebates and how that works, the $100,000 practical assessment and even how you could end up on a trading floor in New York. The call will be fun and informative.

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Brad Gilbert CEO & Founder of Traders4Traders providing Online Forex Trading Courses
CEO & Founder
Traders4Traders Inc.

Welcome to Traders4Traders

My name is Bradley Gilbert and have been a professional Forex Trader since 1990, having worked for Citibank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Toronto Dominion Securities. I graduated from Sydney University with a degree in Economics. I was a licensed & registered Foreign Exchange Trader with ASIC for 15 years, I was on the Board of the Australian Foreign Exchange Committee from 2001-2004, I completed a Diploma in Financial Planning and am RG146 (ASIC) compliant in Australia, I was previously a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with the National Futures Association (NFA) and have completed the NFA Series 3, 30 and 34 exams.

After spending the last 28 years trading forex for some of the largest banks in the world I retired and setup Traders4Traders in 2009 to teach and support retail traders in the Forex Market by creating a Forex Training Programme based on the methodology I taught traders in the banks.

If you are new to trading or are a seasoned retail trader I am sure you will find our Online Forex Trading Course both rewarding and affordable.

Brad Gilbert

TD Securities

Vice President

* Manager spot fx pricing and risk
* Initiating proprietary options and spot risk
* Reporting all P/L to senior management in Canada

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Chief Dealer
Manager of FX Trading


Chief Forex Dealer
Jan 1990 – Aug 1998
8 yrs 8 mos

* Role involved covering of majors FX quoting
* Initiated proprietary trading team

Senior Forex Dealer – Yen Trader
Jan 1996 – Jan 1997
1 yr 1 mo

* Responsible for all Yen pricing for Europe – late Asia
* Responsible for improving the banks profile in Yen products
* Quoted interbank Usd/Yen & Dem/Yen
* Developed close relationships with New York office

Forex Dealer – AUD, NZD, CAD Trader
Jan 1995 – Jan 1996
1 yr 1 mo

* Relocated to London in order to improve branch relationship
* Responsible for development of interbank relationships
* Developed and trained junior staff
* Marketed currencies throughout Europe

Forex Dealer – AUD, NZD & CAD Trader
Jan 1992 – Jan 1995
3 yrs 1 mo

* AUD pricing was shared between Chief dealer and myself
* Initiated NZD and CAD interbank counter-parties
* Position keeping and risk management assessment

Steve Stone
Steve Stone - Ex Chief FX Dealer Merrill Lynch, Citibank, Lehman Brothers (New York)

“Brad was one of the best analytical traders I came across in my 30 year trading career. He rewrote the trade execution rule book… amazing.”

Paul O'Driscoll - Ex Senior FX Trader ANZ Bank

“Brad was a great trader who knew the intricate details of how the market works. Super exciting to watch him trade when it all kicks off.”

Sean Allinson - Ex Chief FX Dealer Toronto Dominion Bank

“Good team player and a great leader. He was always up the curve with what was going on in the market.”

ben singleton
Ben Singleton - Senior G10 FX Trader Credit Agricole (Hong Kong)

“One of the best traders I ever worked with. He taught me everything from reading the market to advanced trade execution. It really set me up for my trading career.”

University of Sydney

B.Ec, Economics
Bachelor of Economics

University of Sydney

B.Ec, Economics
Bachelor of Economics

University College Dublin

Marketing, Economics, Diploma

If you are commited to learning Forex, working hard and making a better life for yourself, then there is no better Forex Trading Course on the Internet.

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