Diploma in Professional Forex Trading

Diploma in Professional Forex Trading/Course Schedule

Foundation Online Forex Trading Courses

Diploma Schedule

Module 1
Foundation Online Forex Trading Courses

Cost of Module 1 – USD$750
Duration: 2-4 Weeks self study
Access: Lifetime
Prerequisite: None


This self study soft start to the Diploma is structured to give the student an in-depth foundation to trading the forex market and complete in their own time. The first part of the course module is the ‘Learn Module’, the student will complete all the online courses and quizzes. Followed by the ‘Practice Module’ the student will be provided with a demo trading account to put into practice what has been learnt in the ‘Learn Module’. Upon achieving the ‘progression targets’ the student moves on to the ‘Prove Module’ where they are provided with a Practical Assessment trading account and are introduced to trading with simple risk management rules. Upon reaching the progression targets they move onto the final ‘Trade Module’ where they are allocated a live real trading account from T4TCapital and benefit from the Profit Share Schedule and the Tuition Rebate scheme.

The Online Courses in Module 1 are:

  • How Bankers Trade Forex
  • Forex 101: KickStart Series
  • Forex Pro Trader Course
  • Forex Advanced Pro Trader Course


Online Course 1
How Bankers Trade Forex

This introduction will outline what students can expect from the program and provide them with a brief overview of how banks trade forex and the role of a professional forex trader. This 5-part webinar will prepare them for the future courses and modules and is presented by Brad Gilbert.

Part 1 – How Bankers Prepare
Part 2 – Capital Management
Part 3 – The Fundamentals
Part 4 – Technical Analysis
Part 5 – Bringing It All Together

Course Videos: 5
Total Time: 3 Hours

Online Course 2
Forex 101: KickStart Course

This is an important introduction to Forex Trading, it sets the key elements and core understanding.

  • Introduction To Foreign Exchange
  • Technical Analysis
  • Major Currency Pairs
  • Trading Time Zones
  • Trading Strategies
  • Types of Order
  • Money Management

Quiz: Students will be required to complete the quiz, with a pass mark of 80%.

Course Videos: 8
Total Time: 30 Mins


Online Course 3
Forex Pro Trader Course

The Forex Pro Trader Course will provide the specific knowledge that all investment bank traders learn over many years in the market. Bank traders don’t lose, they are trained ‘currency mercenaries’ ready to take the cash out of the market when it’s on offer. Armed with this knowledge, students will be able to look at any currency pair and quickly make sense out of it and know exactly how to execute their trade plan without any errors or hesitation.

Through this course students will learn:

  1. Correct market structure: Currencies and time zone differences
  2. How to analyze the market technically like the bankers
  3. How to read & trade the fundamentals (economic data) like the bankers
  4. How to manage Capital dynamically
  5. To execute trades quickly and efficiently

Quiz: Students will be required to complete the quiz, with a pass mark of 70%.

Videos: 110
Total Time: 10 Hours

Online Course 4
Forex Advanced Pro Trader Course

This course will expand the student trading skill-set by incorporating a number of advanced trading strategies that investment bankers use to maximize their performance. Each strategy focuses on a specific tool or market set up to that once identified by the student will enable them to leverage upon the opportunity with greater confidence and control. Once armed with these advanced strategies students will see the market in a whole new light and it’s simply a matter of maintaining the student patience and waiting for the opportunities to present themselves.

  1. Trade the Ichimoku cloud with precision
  2. Scalp the market with absolute control
  3. Analyze the market at specific times & place orders in the market
  4. Take advantage of major stop loss runs
  5. Trade, utilize and understand the Fibonacci indicator
  6. Manage their trading around live economic data releases
  7. Trade the Asian session effectively
  8. Make trading decisions around the oil price.
  9. Trade Execution using the T4T tools provided.

Quiz: Students will be required to complete the quiz, with a pass mark of 70%.

Videos: 112
Total Time: 10 Hours

What’s next

Upon completion of all the online courses and having passed all the quizzes with the required pass marks students are now ready to put what they have learnt into practice.

You will now take the Practical Assessment to ensure you have grasped all the necessary skills to trade T4T Capital Funds.

The next module in the Diploma is Module 2 –  Virtual In-Person Workshop. This is a high octane practical workshop where the instructor Brad Gilbert cements and expands with practical applications what has been learnt in Module 1.

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