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The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course

Understand how both the Financial Markets work and how the bankers trade it with Module 1 the Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course.

Module 1 – Silver Membership


Experience Level: Novice to Expert


This is an extensive Trading Course For Beginners, Investors, Retail Traders and Institutions.

What You Will Learn.

The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Overview

The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course

The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course has absolutely everything you need. It starts with fine tuning the Mindset required to be a trader and then quickly moves into the most important aspect ‘Capital Management’. From here we’re focusing on the structure of their various asset classes. There is an extensive section on both Technical & Fundamental analysis and these provide the specific knowledge that all investment bank traders learn over many years in the market. Bank traders don’t lose, they are trained ‘trading mercenaries’ ready to take the cash out of the market when it’s on offer. Armed with this knowledge, students will be able to look at any instrument and quickly make sense out of it and know exactly how to execute their trade plan without any errors or hesitation.

The Vault Course – Additional Trading Instruction

Vault videos cover all facets of trading but don’t necessary fit neatly into any of our courses. They are ‘real’ trading experiences & questions from our traders that are worthy of additional explaining to expand your trading knowledge around specific events. This course will be updated regularly so you can look forward to more fresh instructional content from real market events.

Access T4T’s 247 Trade Zone

You will get immediate access to our 247 Trade Zone. Here you will be able to get your Course questions answered promptly as well as converse with like-minded experienced traders. It’s a huge resource that will have you humming to the beat of the market!

The Financial Markets Trading Masterclass Course Content

Course Content

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Introduction to the Financial Markets Trading Masterclass
Trader Mindset
Trading 101
Capital Management
Know Your Markets
Technical Analysis
Fundamental Analysis
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Trade Execution Software Included in our Forex Trading Course

T-Rex MT4 Expert Advisor

T-Rex Live Trader

Trndline Trader - MT4 Expert Advisor

TrendLine Trader

Ichimoku Cloud Trader - MT4 Expert Agent

Ichimoku Cloud Trader

Guerilla Trader Trade Execution Software for MT4

Guerilla Trader

Your Mentor & Coach

Brad Gilbert - Instructor Trading Courses

Bradley Gilbert

CEO and Founder of Traders4Traders

Brad has traded Forex for over 33 years, most of his career he traded forex for some of the biggest institutions in the world and was the Chief Forex Trader for Citibank. He has been providing Forex Trading Course for beginners, investors, retail traders and institutions for over 10 Years.

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes an average of 1-2 weeks to complete both forex trading courses. However, you are given the freedom to complete all of the training at your own pace! 

No you have lifetime access and access to all future updates. As with all our forex education we do not put time pressures on our students. Forex Trading requires patience.

No, the module is a foundation Forex Trading Course, it provides the key knowledge required to trade the forex market effectively.

No, once you have passed the $100K Practical Assessment we will provide you with the capital for you to trade. You can of course trade your own capital along side.

At the end of the courses you will be provided with a $100,000 demo practical assessment where you will put into practice what you have learnt and when you have passed you will be provided with a live $100K trading account where you will trade T4TCapital Funds and take a share of the profits.

When you receive your live trading account the first $499 of profit is returned to you at a rate of 100% and any profits thereafter is paid to you according to the profit share schedule.

When you checkout you will be given the opportunity to pay using PayPal, Credit Card or Cryptocurrencies.

Most likely within 2 weeks of starting the courses you will be trading the Practical Assessment and also your own capital if you have it. 

No, you can simply take this module and start trading. If you then feel like you would like to progress with our Forex Trading Course and improve your performance you can then move onto Module 2, the Advanced Forex Trader Workshop.