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Welcome to the Forex T4TCapital Trader Programme. As with everything in Forex Trading, it’s all about preparation, so first things first, ensure you install the supplied MT4 trading platform from the link below.

We want to ensure your trading experience is a good one,  so please take some time to read and understand the Rules of Engagement for your account size before you start trading. Last but not least if you have any problems or questions please feel free to reach out to our team for help. One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once again welcome to Traders4Traders, good luck and enjoy your trading!

Setting up your trading ecosystem

Please ensure you have logged in, to ensure you can access all the links on this page.

Firstly lets start with your trading platform MT4, you need to use this version of MT4 and you will need your account username and password from your email. If you do not receive your email please check your spam or send us an email at

Atlantic Pearl are our ECN provider. Please continue clicking through the setup screens, and select the demo account and 100:1 leverage.

Rules of Engagement

Before you start trading ensure you fully understand the Rules of Engagement for your account size. Select the correct one below, make a cup of coffee and digest it fully. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the 247 Trade Zone . There is a dedicated chatroom for Funded Traders.

Optional Online Forex Trading Courses

Our forex trading courses were developed by our CEO Brad Gilbert from his first-hand trading experience leading some of the biggest forex trading teams in the world. They will provide you with a clear understanding of the market, why prices move and how to trade those price movements. You will not find a more thorough or as advanced course online anywhere!

Complete Online Forex Trading Course

Learn the way bankers trade

Finally understand how the bankers trade and exactly how the forex market works.

Diploma in Professional Forex Trading

Guaranteed Forex Trading Job Placement

This new program, trains you to become a professional trader for a hedge fund, with job placements.

Optional Trade Execution Software

T-Rex, TrendLine Trader, and Ichimoku Cloud Trader are Expert Advisors developed specifically for our network of traders to make their trading easier.

T-Rex MT4 Expert Advisor


T-Rex Live Trader

T-Rex is an MT4 Expert Advisor addon. Once you have installed MT4 on your computer you may instal T-Rex. T-Rex was developed by Trader4Traders specifically for our traders to take advantage of the live economic data releases.

Trendline Trader


TrendLine Trader

TrendLine Trader is an MT4 Expert Advisor addon. Never miss a technical trade again. Once you have installed MT4 on your computer you may install TrendLine Trader. TrendLine Trader was developed by Trader4Traders for our traders.


Ichimoku Trader

The Ichimoku Trader is a powerful tool that enables you to attach pending Break or Range orders to the top or the bottom of the Ichimoku cloud.  Once your orders are triggered you have the option to use multiple stop loss moves and well as taking partial profit. It is an absolute must for every trader that trades USDJPY or the JPY crosses.

MT4 Expert Advisor - T4T Guerilla Trader


Guerrilla Trader

Guerrilla Trader enables you to ambush the economic data releases with pre-set orders that open at set times and then cancel if they aren’t triggered. Once you have installed MT4 on your computer you may install Guerrilla Trader. Guerrilla Trader was developed by Trader4Traders specifically for our traders.

ADR Indicator


ADR – Average Daily Range

ADR is an MT4 Indicator addon. The ADR Indicator displays the average pip movement a currency pair has moved within a 24 Hour timeframe. The WDR indicates the average weekly range of the currency. Spread indicates the real spread in the market.

Grid Indicator


T4T Grid

The T4T Grid Indicator provides horizontal lines representing the Big Figure and vertical lines representing the beginning and end of a 24 hour period and bold vertical lines representing the beginning of the week. A great indicator for all especially the StopLoss Hunter!

T4T MT4 Templates


T4T MT4 Templates

Our MT4 Templates is an MT4 Indicator addon. The MT4 templates will transform your charts into the same color schemes as the Traders4Traders team. It allows you to add the Ichimoku cloud quick and easily onto your charts.

Thats probably enough for now!

Take your time to browse our website, there are alot of resources you will find usefull. We look forward to chatting with you in the 247 Trade Zone.

Good luck and hit that Profit Target with good Capital Management!