Diploma In Professional Forex Trading

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Diploma In Professional Forex Trading

The Diploma in Professional Forex Trading is a unique opportunity to trade professionally for a Professional Forex Fund. It’s a demanding program that prepares and develops students for employment as a trader, firstly with a guaranteed trader position with the T4TCapital Incubator Fund after successful completion and graduation of the course. The T4TCapital Incubator Fund will provide the student the opportunity to excel as a forex trader, with their own edge in a real fund trading environment, ultimately with the unique opportunity to then trade with one of the worlds hedge funds through our external Fund Manager Partners.

Diploma Aims

The diploma will prepare and develop students for employment in the Forex industry.

Students will:

  • Learn how to understand the financial markets and its relationship to the Forex Market.
  • Learn how to trade profitably with Risk Management being the emphasis throughout.
  • Learn the importance of teamwork that will be required to perform with excellence within a  professional fund.

The diploma is highly individualized and dynamic, tailored to the student aptitude, risk profile, and experience, as well as the requirements of the T4TCapital Trading Team.

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We start by introducing you to how the banks trade forex with a 5 part webinar and a Forex 101 Quick Start Course.


Foundation Forex Trading Courses

Module 1 gets you straight into trading the forex market, with the Pro Trader Forex Course and the Advanced Pro Trader Forex Course.


Advanced Forex Trader Workshop

Module 2 expands on the trading experience you have received in Module 1 and now takes you through the paces with the same training received by junior bank traders. 


Trader Development Program

Module 3 provides all the online training to teach you to trade as a team. It is an online webinar based program working and trading with the team.



On completion of all three modules you will graduate as an associate trader for T4TCapital and start trading the incubator team.


Student Trader Learning Outcomes

With the ongoing support of a dedicated mentor, students will be learning and practicing at all stages of the Diploma Course. Upon graduation and completion, students will become an Associate Trader and trade for the T4TCapital Incubator Fund. Along the way, students will sharpen their ability to analyze the FX Market and fine tune their Trade Execution skills whilst discovering opportunities to generate profit with excellent Capital Management skills.

Students will be provided with plenty of feedback and assess them regularly, they will always know how they are progressing. At the end of the course, there’s a final assessment to validate their readiness to trade in a fund environment. Pass this and they will be officially Trader Ready and fully equipped to trade and become an Associate Trader with T4TCapital.